Mohegan Sun – Shine 360 Photo Booth

Profero / Mohegan Sun
March 2012

Solarsilk had the opportunity to work on a unique project, encompassing many different web technologies: The Shine 360° at Mohegan Sun Casino.

A 360° camera system, created and implemented by Digital Air captures 48 still frames from all angles simultaneously, stitches the images into a video and delivers it to the system that Solarsilk developed.

The kiosk software we built utilizes custom Firefox extensions as well as data connections to the local web server in order to accept user info, display the latest videos, and post directly to Facebook and Twitter. The system uploads videos to a page on and sends registration info to Mohegan Sun’€™s CRM system. More than 10,000 user videos have been created.

Architecting our system was a complex and exciting challenge! Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the Shine 360° from start to finish.

Some nice press on